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Welcome to a very public/private, mysterious/familiar, adventurous, pleasurable, sensible and profitable place, Deep in the Worlds... and very comfortable and easy to use for everyone

ORBIS is a VirtuReality World, a place where people can game, trade, exchange, network, play, learn, deal, and profit both financially and in all other ways and means of Life.

It goes beyond Bitcoin, Facebook, SecondLife, and just-plain MMORPGs.

It is something like Snowcrash, Neuromancer, The Holodeck, and especially T'Rain, all grown-up and evolved to make use of everything that the first-generation dinosaurs of the internet and web (e.g., Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook) provided as starting points, learning-curves, and sandboxes for You, the People of Planet Earth, the Masses of US.

Now, through some of both the oldest and youngest discoverers, inventors, pioneers, investors and mover-shakers of the Internet and the Web, you are going to have the Experiences that you and many others thought was only for science fiction and fantasy.

In the process, you can improve your health, lose weight, be safer and more secure at night and on the street, make money, find true love, and... what else more do you want?

To fly into strange new worlds like Avatar pioneered on the silver-screen? To engage in love and war that transcends both real and virtual worlds? OK, all that, too. Really. Not just virtually.

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Intelligent Organic Sustainable COMMUNITIES

ORBIS has many aspects, not all of which are limited to what exists and lives in a distributed network of computers and media on the internet. ORBIS is also connected with real "people-and-property" communities, in a very modern and "arcological" way.

Communities that are networked and dynamic families, neighborhoods, and self-sustainable entities, not necessarily all in one physical place. Communities that are collectively "net zero" consumers in terms of energy. Communities that are designed for Earth, to be sure, but also, quite definitely, for our Future in Space.

ORBIS is all about things like practical Permaculture and the agriculture that helps to sustain the full, complete environment of humans, animals and plants - the entire ecosystem.

ORBIS is all about hybrid energy systems to organically, systematically, efficiently take advantage of the constant flux and the constant balance of energy in all forms that can be usable for the Community.

ORBIS is all about education, mental and physical wellness and health-rebalancing, and the SocioEconomy.

There is a real-world, geo-world, "GAR" (generally-accepted reality!) world ORBIS that is shaping up, not in one single place, but spread mainly across parts of the Midwestern USA from the North Woods of Michigan and radiating out with "satellite" bases and people in other parts of the world - many, in fact. Far, far away, and yet very, very tightly coupled. Supportive. Sustaining each other. Organic Community powered by Dynamic Capital. Find Out More.

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